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34 Closet Organization Ideas That’ll Make Your Space Feel So Much Bigger

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A clean, organized closet is simply the best: It streamlines your morning routine, and all that extra space gives you an excuse to expand your wardrobe (or at least reimagine it with new combinations now that you can actually see everything clearly). If you want to make the most of your space, try some of these closet organization and storage ideas. We came up with 34, so there’s something for every style and budget.

1Keep Floors Clear
modern home dressing room

Exposed shelving isn’t for everyone. If you’re a minimalist, take note and keep the floors clear like Brigette Romanek Studio did in this California home dressing room for an elevated, clutter-free environment. An armchair in the corner adds some dimension, as does a leaning floor mirror.

2Build an Island
Furniture, Room, Chest of drawers, Interior design, Property, Shelf, Drawer, Home, Table, Building,

Why use an armchair when you have room for a sofa? Slide up a stool and colorful area rug to complete the look, and then make a mini gallery wall to polish things off. And a closet island/dresser? It’s not just storage, it’s motivation to fold and put away your clothes.

3Install Bypass Doors
Room, Furniture, Wall, Floor, Architecture, Interior design, Flooring, House, Wood, Table,

Never again will you have to walk from end to end in search of what you need. These bypass doors are a lifesaver and are easy to DIY. Get the full tutorial from Vintage Revivals.

4Tuck It Away
colorful storage cabinet

Tuck everything behind closed cabinet doors if the space is multipurpose. The hidden vanity in this Gail Davis–designed closet is a fun little surprise that also keeping you organized. The orange mirror picks up on the warmth of the curtains and wallpaper accents while the striped penny tile floor complements the navy paint.

5Install a Wall Shelf
White, Furniture, Room, Shelf, Interior design, Home, Floor, House, Building, Flooring,

If you ran out of room in your closet, you can display your prettiest items in your bedroom to double as decor. Add a multi-level wall shelf to make an étagère. For this one, Leanne Ford made sure it didn’t take up too much visual real estate by painting it white so it blends in with the wall. Psst… You can also make more of your wall space by using brackets as an extra place to hang things.


6Keep It Behind Closed Doors
White, Room, Property, Interior design, Ceiling, Floor, Building, Wood flooring, House, Furniture,

Keeping your wardrobe behind closed doors in the bedroom can make it feel and look a lot more organized. Bonus points for hidden doors that camouflage with the walls.

7Utilize the Corners
Room, Interior design, Furniture, Property, Shelf, Building, Architecture, Window covering, Wall, Ceiling,

In this dream closet designed by Tamsin Johnson, the classic white shades balance the more glamorous elements of the space. And while the large windows let the natural light pour in (perfect for getting ready), that means there’s less useable wall space, so every inch is precious. The built-in benches feature storage underneath and the custom corner shelves provide a home for bags.

8Get Creative With Bulky Clothes
Furniture, Shelf, Room, White, Property, Cabinetry, Cupboard, Shelving, Drawer, Kitchen,

Even though shoe organizers are handy for your sneakers, they can also be used for bulky items like sweaters that you don’t want to accidentally stretch out on a hanger (bye, saggy shoulders). Roll the sweaters before stowing them away.

9Use Trays for Jewelry
dresser with flowers and gold lamp

Put jewelry and fragrances on a tray atop the dresser and always leave room for flowers. We love the pop of color interior designer Danielle Colding chose here.

10Store Small Items in a Vanity
Room, Furniture, Bathroom cabinet, Bathroom, Interior design, Mirror, Chest of drawers, Table, Dresser, Material property,

For smaller items such as jewelry, wallets, and accessories, use your vanity drawers. Extra points if you also have a drawer organizer.

11Use Transitional Space
white bathroom with circular seat

If your space opens right into the main bathroom, fill the awkward center area and turn it into something grand with a circular banquette. You’ll dress and undress in a more organized (and luxurious) fashion. We love the crisp, clean white palette Breegan Jane chose here.

12Try a Clothing Rack
clothing rack

Whether your tiny closet is already packed to the brim or you don’t even have a closet in your bedroom to begin with, a freestanding clothing rack will be a good solution. Besides, having it out in the open will force you to keep your clothes nice and organized instead of in an avalanche pile in the closet.


13Organize by Season
Bedroom, Room, Furniture, Bed, Interior design, Bed frame, Property, Wall, Floor, Bed sheet,

If you have empty space under your bed, put your out-of-season clothing in plastic organizers, or opt for rolling crates. It’s a storage solution that requires no power tools. You’ll just need a bed skirt.

14Stack Your Shoes
Furniture, Room, Interior design, Property, Bedroom, Building, Ceiling, Floor, Bed, House,

Having everything out in the open will motivate you to stay organized, but there are also a few things you can do to steer eyes elsewhere. For example, in this room, the space above the closet is lined with pretty glass bottles. And pro tip: You can fit more on your closet shelves or floors if you store shoes with the right and left ones facing opposite directions. To do this, place one shoe with toe to the front and the other with heel facing forward.

15Hang a Curtain
Room, Furniture, Interior design, Property, Bed, Bedroom, Floor, Wall, Building, House,

In this master bedroom designed by ETC.etera, the closet is separated by a curtain. This will keep an exposed closet from distracting from the interior design scheme.

16Purge With Purpose
White, Room, Furniture, Shelf, Clothes hanger, Floor, Curtain, Wall, Closet, Interior design,

Before you start cleaning your closet, decide who will get the castoffs. Knowing that your clothes are going to a favorite charity, homeless shelter, or local thrift shop is a goal that you can feel good about.

17Add a Dresser and a Mirror
White, Room, Furniture, Bedroom, Interior design, Floor, Clothes hanger, House, Bed, Textile,

If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, consider moving your dresser inside and propping an oversized mirror on top. It’ll turn the closet into a full-blown station to get ready each morning, with everything within arm’s reach, and open up your bedroom space.


18Hang Your Purses
Room, Furniture, Interior design, Living room, Beige, Textile, Chair, Cushion, Linens, Pillow,

Shower hooks are perfect for hanging purses in your closet on the hanger rod. Even better? This method will ensure handles don’t get misshapen.


19Use Special Hangers
Room, Closet, Property, Interior design, Furniture, Ceiling, Floor, Building, Bathroom, Home,

Slim and open, these hangers easily file away pants in your closet. The design also makes clothing easier to grab off the rack as you dash to get ready in the morning. Your clothes deserve the best treatment on and off your body. Using one type of hanger, whether it’s wooden or padded, lets your clothes shine.


20Use Office Organizers
Furniture, Room, Interior design, Table, Property, Living room, Coffee table, Floor, Beige, Material property,

Get creative with on-shelf storage. It turns out that magazine files are the ideal shape for storing clutches, wristlets, jewelry, and more. That frees up space on your desk or vanity table. We also love the stylish rods Studio DB hung up in the corners of this walk-in closet.


21Add a Bar
Room, Clothes hanger, Shelf, Closet, Furniture, Shelving, Boutique, Shoe organizer, Wardrobe, Interior design,

Doubling up your closet space is as easy as hanging up another bar. Choose a system that also includes hooks for maximum versatility.

22Style Your Space
Room, Pink, Closet, Furniture, Boutique, Interior design, Textile, Building, Door, House,

Adding a mirror, a piece of art, fun colors, or wallpaper are all easy ways to add character to your closet. Stay away from flowers, books, and stuffed animals, which all collect dust that will make your clothes feel less fresh.


23Organize Thoughtfully
Clothes hanger, Boutique, Room, Closet, Furniture, Shelf, Outlet store, Interior design, Building, Shelving,

The best way to organize your closet is to set it up into zones based on the way think about your wardrobe. For example: When you are getting dressed, do you think first in terms of occasion, by garment type, or by season? Arrange your clothes with this in mind.

24Keep Your Shelves In Shape
Product, Bag, Room, Handbag, Fashion accessory, Furniture, Luggage and bags,

You’re about to fall in love with shelf dividers. These handy organizers have the ability to keep different items separate, while also preventing piles from toppling over, so you can stack sweaters way higher.


25Try Wicker Baskets
Closet, Shelf, Room, Furniture, Wardrobe, Shelving, Clothes hanger, Shoe organizer, Boutique, Cupboard,

Storage baskets keep your junk out of sight, and they look chic on open-shelves. Bonus: You can get them on the cheap.

See more at Dorsey Designs.


26Make It a Display Wall
White, Wall, Room, Interior design, Shelf, Furniture, Design, Architecture, Font, House,

Get inspired by chic retail spaces, like this one designed by Tamsin Johnson. Instead of a classic shelving unit, create a floating cubby wall so that your favorite items can double as decor on display.

27Create a Jewelry Wall
Room, Interior design, Closet, Furniture, Boutique, Shelf, Building, Table, Floor, House,

Prevent your jewelry from getting tangled by building custom organization systems. In this closet, you can hang them on the wall or keep them on a tray on one of the shelves.

28Hang Strategically
Closet, Clothes hanger, Room, Wardrobe, Furniture, Cupboard, Interior design, Shelf, Bedroom, Boutique,

The easiest way to end up with a disorganized closet is by hanging up clothes without even thinking about it. To keep things sectioned off, hang blouses, tops, and skirts above built-in shelves, and long dresses and pants when nothing is underneath.

See more of this closet at Lark & Linen.


29Use Wasted Wall Space
closet organization

Instead of hanging scarves, belts, and other accessories on hangers and taking up valuable rod space, try this trick. Attach a towel bar to unused wall space to create a personalized display for your collection.

See more at The Chronicles of Home.

SHOP BARS Towel Bar,

30Try a Boot Organizer
boot organizer

Boots can be a pain to store in a closet—they seem to topple over at the slightest touch. Instead, a special boot organizer can safely house five pairs in the “footprint” of one.


31Use an Entire Room
White, Room, Furniture, Closet, Shelf, Interior design, Clothes hanger, Black-and-white, Shelving, Material property,

No closet space? No problem. Turn your office into your closet. That way, you’ll have an entire room to stash your stuff.

See more at Lark & Linen.

32Use Built-Ins
Room, Closet, Ceiling, Interior design, Property, Boutique, Furniture, Building, Floor, Shelf,

You may have room to store all your clothes and shoes, but what about your accessories? Built-in drawers are perfect for storing sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves.

See more at Dorsey Designs.

33Hang Your Rod Higher
Room, Closet, Interior design, Furniture, Home, Bedroom, Shelf, Building, House, Chest of drawers,

Not only will hanging your rod higher keep your gowns and coats from dragging through floor dust, but it also frees up space for a hamper or second row of clothing. And it doesn’t have to look awkward! Just take a cue from this closet from A House in the Hills.

34Put Shoes On the Door
closet organization

The best thing about high heels is that they’re basically designed for this genius storage hack. Hang rails on the inside of your door to squeeze extra storage out of your closet.

See more at Stylizmo.


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