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25 Fun and Clever Gifts for All the Plant Lovers on Your List

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have a green thumb, but chances are you know someone who just can’t stop collecting houseplants. If you’re shopping for a present for them, catering to their interests—as with any thoughtful gift-giving—is the way to go. But if you’re not sure what to buy your plant-obsessed loved ones, this gift guide is a good start.

From plant subscriptions and bold planters to botanical jewelry and candy that’s both edible plantable (yes, that’s a thing that exists!) you’re sure to find something they’ll love here. And if you’re the plant-lover in your circle, take this as an opportunity to treat yourself—after all the effort and care you put into making sure your houseplants continue to thrive and grow, you deserve it, right? And don’t worry, there are gifts for budding plant pros, too, including planters and gadgets that will help them keep their new green friends happy and thriving.

Plants for Beginners Subscription

First thing’s first: You can’t go wrong with a plant subscription. Snag one for beginners if they’re an aspiring green thumb, or go for the low light plants or pet-friendly plants monthly delivery instead.

Rare Potted Haworthia Live Succulent

For someone who’s just starting out on their journey to becoming a plant pro, a cool little succulent is a lower-pressure option.

Terrarium Candle

These candles, which feature incredibly realistic faux terrarium plants, are almost too pretty to burn.

LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

Upgrade their usual purple grow lights with these bulbs that feature the balanced spectrum of light their plants need but look like a regular light bulb.

Bird-Shaped Watering Globes

These glass birds don’t just look cute hanging out in your plants, they also make sure they stay properly watered, too.

Hand-painted Large Pots

For a plant lover, beautiful plant pots always make a great gift—especially when paired with a new plant, too.

Resin Pressed Fern Necklace

Let them wear their plant obsession as jewelry with this resin pendant that features a real piece of pressed fern inside.

Plants! Throw Blanket

This adorable throw blanket will allow them to show off—and snuggle up with—their favorite plants.

Sequoia Hook Pillow

A cozy-cute, plant-inspired throw pillow will definitely do the trick, too.

Kids Gardening Kit

For the young, budding plant pro, this gardening kit for kids is a fun way to teach them how to grow vegetables. Plus, it comes with other activities, too.

Pineapple Air Plant Magnets

These fun magnets turn air plants into miniature pineapples.

Arch Propagation Kit

This kit makes propagating pretty, with everything you need to turn a cutting into its own thriving plant.

Plant Mug

This adorable mug is adorned with fun black and white plant illustrations, without being too over the top.

Blooming Lollipops

These lollipops aren’t your average candy—once you’re done satisfying your sweet tooth, you can plant the sticks, which are filled with seeds.

Ceramic Message Pops

Think of these as candy hearts… but for your plants. Stick one of these ceramic message pops in a plant before you gift it to give it a personal touch.

Monstera Plant EL Wire Neon Sign

This handmade sign uses EL wire to mimic neon, making it a cool gift for your plant-loving friend (or yourself!) without being as expensive as the real thing.

Gold Dinosaur Air Planter

Air plants get a fun, –inspired makeover with these dinosaur planters that are still a little chic in white and gold.

Succulent Stud Earrings

These tiny, clay stud earrings are so realistic, you almost can’t tell they’re not  succulents.

Smart Garden 3

This smart garden makes growing herbs totally fool-proof, thanks to its built-in grow lights and self-watering mechanism.

Plant Prints

These illustrations of pretty plants by Angela Staehling (author of “Happy Houseplants”) make the perfect gallery wall for any plant lover.

Growlight Frame Shelf

This frame-shaped shelf hides a grow light up top, giving your plants the light they need to thrive while also making them look like a piece of artwork come to life.

The Plant Pin Pack

Help them show off their plant love with these adorable enamel pins shaped like their favorite houseplants.

“Wild Interiors: Beautiful Plants in Beautiful Spaces”

Add to their coffee table collection with this gorgeous title from Hilton Carter, which is all about decorating with plants.

Vattenkrasse Watering Can

This small, modern watering can is equal parts sculptural objet d’art and functional, practical plant must-have.

Teeny Farmstand

This vertical farmstand in size “teeny” from Lettuce Grow (co-founded by Zooey Deschanel) features two levels with room for 12 plants, but you can go up in size to grow even more plants.

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