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How to Clean Your Jewelry to Its Original Brilliance

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There comes a point in many of our lives when we take a look at our jewelry collection and don’t quite recognize a couple of the pieces there. You might find yourself wondering when exactly you bought those Swarovski crystal earrings with comparatively dim posts, or you may search for an old favorite necklace only to find that it has taken the “old” part of that phrase perhaps too much to heart.

In situations like these, it becomes all too evident that it’s time to break out your cleaning supplies and get to work, because your jewelry could use some TLC. Thankfully, a lot of jewelry doesn’t require special cleaning solutions and tiny brushes specific to the piece. In fact, you may find that what you have around the house is more than up to the challenge (though when it comes to silver pieces, polish really does win the day). With that in mind, here are five of the easiest ways to clean your jewelry.

What you’ll need:

JewelryBowlsBaking sodaWaterAntibacterial cleanerDish soapToothpasteToothbrushVinegarClean Cloths / Rags

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