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How to Clean and Unclog a Showerhead

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If your water pressure has slowed to a drip or the showerhead is suddenly spraying sideways, you might have mineral buildup clogging the jets. Even with a filter, naturally occurring minerals can pile into your showerhead to form a calcified blockage. But luckily, there’s a fix. Before you drop the money to swap out your showerhead, try this quick method that makes removing buildup and restoring shine easy.

Great Value Distilled White Vinegar


Distilled vinegarPlastic bagRubber bandsClean toothbrush

Prep your showerhead

Make sure your showerhead is clean of any loose debris or dust. Then, fill a plastic bag, reusable or Ziplock, with distilled vinegar. Fill halfway—you’ll need space to tie off the excess.

Place the vinegar soak around the showerhead, making sure the showerhead holes are fully submerged before securing with a rubber band. Let sit for 30 minutes if your showehead is plated copper or nickel. If your showerhead is made of a solid metal or plastic, you can leave the soak attached for an hour or more depending on the severity of the buildup.

Rinse off buildup

Dump out the vinegar and scrub the showerhead with a clean soft-bristled toothbrush, helping to dislodge stubborn sections. Once the showerhead is clear of blockages, run the shower with lukewarm water for a couple of seconds to clear out the vinegar. Dry the fixture with a towel for shine.

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