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Fall Mantel Ideas That Will Make You Want to Curl up by the Fire

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Is there anything cozier than a room with a fireplace? We don’t think so. And this is especially true as the leaves begin to change and the temperature cools. We know, we know…summer isn’t over yet. But to make that roaring fire look and feel ever more fabulous come fall, you’ll want to start dressing up your mantel—because as the leaves change, so should your decor. To get it ready for the new season, you’ll want to swap out tat summery decor for something a little more cozy. Ahead, find 19 fall mantel ideas and decorating tips for a stylish and cozy autumn.

living room with plaid carpet and roaring fireplace

Display Fall Foliage

Put together an arrangement of fall florals. In this living room designed by Alison Pickart, the green and brown foliage displayed in a classic white vase complement the existing color scheme. And it’s also well-advised to toss a sheepskin throw over an armchair to fall-ify surrounding summer throws.

living room with mirror leaning on mantel

Lean a Large Mirror

Prop a mirror up on the mantel and lean it again the wall for a laid back yet impactful impression that also makes the room feel larger. This one’s the perfect scale for the high ceilings and takes advantage of all that glorious vertical space. Add a small planter, tiny frames, candlesticks, and a few knick knacks for a collected look.

bedroom with wallpaper and stone corner fireplace

Repurpose What You Already Have

Your fall mantel doesn’t need to look fancy to be polished and stylish. In this space, a small stack of books and decorative jars make the room feel lived in and unpretentious.

modern formal living room with fireplace

Mix Design Trends

Perfectly placed blooms and abstract wall art make this antique fireplace standout in the otherwise modern space. We love the contrast between the worn fireplace and luxe, contemporary styles throughout.

pink living room with fireplace

Don’t Forget the Space Beyond

Choose fall florals that bring nearby artwork to life. In this space by Reath Design, the marigold flowers and whimsical arrangement speak to the abstract photograph leaning on the mantel. But don’t forget to decorate the surrounding walls beyond your mantel for visual balance.

mountain home living room with stone fireplace

Pile on Books and Candles

No matter where you actually live, you can feel like you’re in the mountains with a stone and wood fireplace. Designed by Hecker Guthrie, this stylish example—adorned with candles and adjacent to a plaid upholstered window seat—is actually making us wish for snow in summer.

living room with tile fireplace and exposed beams

Get Dramatic With Florals

A droopy, asymmetrical flower arrangement is the perfect fit for the moody mantel setup in this living room by Reath Design.

pink and green sitting room

Strive for Asymmetry

Instead of making your mantel display perfectly symmetrical, keep things interesting by offsetting your decorative items on one side. Here, Corey Damen Jenkins outfitted the mantel with a green crystal and two glass figurines.

mountain home living room with stone fireplace

Prop up a Handwritten Letter

A wood panel breaks up this dramatic stone fireplace in a living room by Emily Henderson Design for a more approachable and cozy scale. Instead of a painting or photograph, the mantel is adorned with a large handwritten letter, adding to the inviting environment.

living room with tile fireplace and ginger jar lamps on mantel

Spotlight Seasonal Art

Make sure statement artwork or any pieces that take up a lot of visual real estate exude the right tone. In this living room by Danielle Colding, the warm tones of the painting above the mantel strike the perfect seasonal mood while also coordinating with the stone bust and floral ginger jar lamp bases.

black and white decor in living room

Go Monochrome

Swap out vibrant, summery vases for moodier ones. On this mantel in a Studio Razavi-designed living room, the cluster of graphic ceramic vases bring a warm yet edgier vibe. You could also swap out bright lamp shades for black ones (chick here to make your own lacquer ones).

blue and red chalet living room with stone fireplace

Anchor It Around Art

This living room by Anthony Baratta may be the ultimate place to relax on rainy (or lazy) days. The intricate stonework on the fireplace serves as just another statement-making piece among the patterned wallpaper, vibrant cushions, and patchwork chairs. For a similar mantel set up, choose a central piece of art and then flank it with jars and candlesticks on both sides.

sitting room with dark wood walls and fireplace

Show off Your Collection

The more the merrier on this mantel styled by Romanek Design Studio. A collection of framed artwork and objects likes clocks, paperweights, and candles make this fireplace feel personal and full of character.

contemporary living room with fireplace in craftsmen home

Layer Antiques

All it takes is a few items on the mantel to draw the eye to the fireplace. In this living room designed by Heidi Caillier, the white painted brick mantel features a classic framed portrait stacked in front of a gilt mirror and a lone candlestick. Perfect for a fall country chic display.

blue and beige bedroom

Go Understated

In this bedroom designed by Heather Hilliard, the collection of figurines are understated and sculptural, complementing the color story of the space and letting the grand abstract painting steal the style spotlight.

contemporary living room with vaulted ceiling

Spotlight a Single Item

Not a collector? No problem. A lone silver vase with orange flowers picks up the fall tones in this living room by Romanek Design Studio, from the marigold arm chairs to the chrome accents throughout.

black living room with plaid armchair and roaring fireplace

Hang a Garland

Fill some glass jars with small decorative objects, like pebbles or crystals, and then hang a wooden garland over the mantel for a late fall vibe. The built-in firewood cubby in this living room by Heidi Callier takes the cozy vibes to the next level.

contemporary neutral bathroom with fireplace

Go Tonal

If you have a fireplace in the bathroom, dress it up with candles and artwork like you would in any other room, as Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design did here. It’ll set the scene for romantic and relaxing bubble baths. Take note of this color scheme for a fall-proof setup.

modern living room with concrete fireplace

Reflect the Architectural Style

If you have a sleek, architecturally modern fireplace, reflect that aesthetic in your mantel decor, as seen in this living room. The straight-lines and concrete material go well with the angular metal candlesticks.

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