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18 Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas That’ll Elevate All Your Dinner Parties

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As avid wallpaper enthusiasts, we love it in any room of the house. And since we also love feasting and socializing, we’re putting wallpapered dining rooms in the spotlight today. Whether you’re looking for a modern mural, a classic repeating pattern, or an abstract print, you’ll find something to elevate every dinner party with our eighteen dining room wallpaper ideas, interior designer advice, and shopping tips. So feast your eyes on the stylish and bold dining rooms below to see just how much style potential wallpaper has.

formal dining room wallpaper

Non-Repeating Mural Wallpaper

When your formal dining room is also your everyday dining area, invest in pieces that deliver both form and function. In this Studio DB-designed space, the built-in velvet banquette is cozy and comfortable, but it also looks dressy.

The same is true for those beautiful chairs from the Socialite Family and artful light fixture from Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. And unusual lighting and beautiful wallpaper are easy ways to add character without taking up surface space. It doesn’t get more regal than a de Gournay wallpaper—non-repeating patterns and murals create so much movement and intrigue.

modern dining room wallpaper ideas

Cheeky and Bright Wallpaper

Tema e Variazioni by Fornasetti livens up this small dining space designed by Jeff Andrews. “After moving in, I realized how much I loved the classic architecture,” he says—which is why he decided now to expand the kitchen into the breakfast nook. It’s both a classic and youthful, cheeky and polished, thanks to the bright minty green hue with that iconic portrait.

modern dining room wallpaper

Graphic and Playful Wallpaper

Designed by Studio DB, the modern zig-zagging wallpaper makes this built-in booth pop while also separating it from the rest of the kitchen space for a more intimate and formal feel. Without a doubt, that modern, sharp-angled print is what gives this dining room its dazzle (thought the tree trunk table and sputnik pendant don’t hurt).

striped dining room wallpaper 

Romantic and Old-World-Inspired Wallpaper

Romance and fantasy rule in this dining room designed by the legendary Else de Wolfe. For a similarly robust feel with plenty of depth, extend your wallpaper (or fabric wallcovering, as shown here) into the third dimension with matching curtains and a fabric upholstery trim right at the top of the wall. The floral chandelier, blush-toned linens, and antique gilt framed artwork bring this fanciful room to life—and prove its timelessness.

modern wallpaper designs for dining room

Fearless and Modern Wallpaper

With a super large-scale print that looks more like a work of art than your everyday wallpaper, this dining room designed by Regan Baker Design is a force to be reckoned with. Because the deep greens and gold swirls emit an intensity and formality perfect for entertaining, Baker chose more casual furniture to ground the space as family-friendly and approachable.

classic dining room wallpaper

Light-hearted and Classic Wallpaper

Designer Christopher Maya painted the floors in the breakfast room of a 1930s home with an octagonal honeycomb pattern. The bold color and eye-catching graphic print makes a modern statement in this otherwise traditional dining room.

A chocolate brown and sky blue color scheme grounds the space while the pale cream, pink, and blue floral curtains and wallpaper spread a lightheaded energy throughout the room. The wallpaper and curtains are a custom Tree of Life pattern from the Christopher Maya collection.

watercolor wallpaper ideas

Painterly Wallaper

In this family-friendly dining room designed by Regan Baker, a water color dream from Anewall dresses up the blank white canvas, filling the entire space with personality. The contemporary pendant light, classic wood dining table, and modern black chairs make it a timeless dining room that’ll mature gracefully.

textured wallpaper ideas

Texture-Rich Wallpaper

What could have been an awkward eyesore becomes the striking focal point in this little dining nook and workspace designed by 2LG Studio. That’s thanks to the texture-rich wallpaper, which features a digitized collage of torn paper. Stretching from floor to the arch of the ceiling, it doubles as artwork and sets the color scheme for the rest of the room.

Moral of the story? Weird architectural quirks and small spaces can actually be quite beautiful when covered with an eye-catching wallpaper.

painting over textured wallpaper

Customized Grasscloth Mural

Circus or dining room? In this space, you can have your circus fun and eat it, too. “The dining room was our greatest challenge, but it ended up becoming the most exciting room in the house,” says designer Sarah Gilbane of this whimsical space.

The theme of the space was vintage Everglades—to fuse the homeowners’s New England heritage with their new Palm Beach lifestyle— so decorative artist Brian Leaver painted the palms and flamingos over a grasscloth wallpaper, then created a trompe l’oeil tented ceiling.

dining room wallpaper for feature wall

Contemporary Floral Wallpaper

Let your wallpaper dictate the entire design scheme in your dining room. In this space designed by 2LG Studio, every color is pulled out of the wallpaper, from the planter to the chair frames. This creates a cohesive look and strong, recognizable personality without looking took formulaic. The industrial table, modern pendant light, and reclaimed armoire giving the dining room wallpaper an edgier twist.

blue and white dining room wallpaper

Coastal-themed Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to a pick a theme and run with it. In this Greenwich, Connecticut, home designed by Lee Ann Thornton, the blues and whites along with the jute materials are giving us a strong coastal vibe. The wallpaper features an abstract flower print reminiscent of a shell motif, further strengthening the nautical mood without veering on cheesiness.

dining room wallpaper murals

Modern Mural Wallpaper

Have we mentioned how much we love a good mural wallpaper in the dining room? In case you aren’t yet convinced, here’s another stunner brought to us by Arent & Pyke. “The magnificent de Gournay wallpaper transforms the whole [dining area] into a beautiful and inviting living space,” the designers say. And the eclectic seating makes things even more interesting, mixing and matching a high-back settee with leather dining chairs.

wallpaper pattern mixing

Abstract Wallpaper

Choose something graphic and fun in a family-friendly dining room and don’t be afraid to mix and match prints throughout the space. “It goes against decorating 101, but using small patterns together can be easier on the eye,” says interior decorator Kristin Panitch, who designed this personality-packed dining room. The contemporary kaleidoscopic wallpaper is an welcome surprise against the upholstered chairs.

modern floral wallpaper

New Age Floral Wallpaper

Modern, photorealist interpretations of classic designs are popping up everywhere. In this dining room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, the walls are covered in a contemporized botanical print that gives the romantic, old-school floral look a new spin. But the dining room still feels timeless, thanks to the linen slipcover chairs and reclaimed wood table.

marble wallpaper ideas

Nature-inspired Nook

Monochrome swirls of agate-like wallpaper complete this dining room designed by Studio DB. The sand-hued built-in banquet along with the light hardwood floors and shearling throw pillow maintain that nature-inspired look while the green velvet seats anchor the room and give it a formal flair.

dining room wallpaper with chair rail

Modern Repeating Floral Wallpaper

Florals don’t have to be super dainty, nor ornate, nor stuffy. Take this dining room designed by Joe Lucas, for example. Before renovation, the dining room felt like a passageway to the kitchen, so Lucas made it feel more like a destination— and room of its own—with a bold wall covering. “The previously white space was transformed with wallpaper,” he explains.

dining room neutral wallpaper ideas

Neutral and Understated Wallpaper

Who says beige is boring? Cover half the dining room wall with a neutral wallpaper to offset the white paint and introduce texture without drowning the space in a loud color or print. This dining room designed by Amber Interiors is a great place to look for inspiration, where the layers of textiles and modern lighting steal the show.

dining room wallpaper accent wall

Scandinavian-inspired Floral Wallpaper

The founder of Apartment Therapy’s dining room is a piece of Scandinavia in the Hamptons. Inspired by Host restaurant in Copenhagen, Maxwell Ryan wanted warm and minimal Hans Wagner dining chairs. The matte pendant lights, sheepskin throws, and blond wood furniture soften things up (literally) and ground the space. It’s where Ryan “reads and stays up late dining into the night” after meals.

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