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Get the Nursery Ready for Your Little One With These Clever Storage Ideas

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Decorating the nursery is the most exciting part of parenthood (just kidding). And those adorable little plushies and antique rocking chairs are great, but when it comes to functionality, you can’t overlook storage. It is, after all, where you hide the essentials so you can focus on the cute stuff. So keep reading for seventeen stylish and clever baby nursery storage ideas and organization tips.

1Repurpose an Old Dresser

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t splurge on new items. Just use something you already have! In this space, Emily Henderson transformed an existing dresser into a changing table by placing a changing pad on it. This way, you’ll have three drawers of storage space, too.

2Hide Things Under a Skirted Crib
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Since the room is totally clutter-free, we’re able to focus on the prettiest parts. Contained by gold-leaf borders, the flowers climbing up the walls of designer Marie Flanigan’s newborn daughter’s room are actually mural wallpaper. You can get creative by hiding things in a slim bin under the crib if you have a skirt to keep it out of sight.

3Choose Timeless Storage Furniture
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Storage is one thing you know you’ll always need, so choose something that’ll last and age with your baby. In this baby’s room designed by Tasmin Johnson, the timeless pieces—like the ottoman and chair set, framed photographs, and traditional dresser—give the room a refined edge that will age well. To balance it out, she chose a whimsical pendant light.

4Make Sure Nothing Can Fall
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Baby-proof your floating shelves with a horizontal bar that keeps things from falling. In this California-chic nursery from A House in the Hills, the floating shelves animate the bright white wall.

5Toys That Double as Storage
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In this adorable nursery designed by Chango & Co, the lucite shelving unit is shaped like a dollhouse. There are so many fun options out there that can make even something ordinary (in this case, a shelving unit), into something exciting and inspiring.

Room, Bedroom, Furniture, Blue, Interior design, Bed, Property, Bed sheet, Wall, Living room,

Keep blankets and towels easy to access with an etagere, a storage ladder, or a towel warmer. In this nursery designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors, the wood towel rack adds a classic touch while also giving the pretty blankets more time to shine out in the open.

7Use an Etagere
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Floating shelves are great, but you may not want to bring out the power tools. Instead, opt for an etagere with plenty of shelf space for books, artwork, and storage baskets. We love the rounded silhouette of this one in a space designed by Chango & Co.

8Use Seagrass Basket
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Keep a basket on the floor for throws, towels, and other cozy essentials. Seagrass baskets—like the one in this Chango & Co. spaceship—are best in the nursery since they’re soft and easy to move from place to place.

9Repurpose Old Furniture
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We’re digging the use of vibrant, unexpected colors in this nursery designed by Steven Sclaroff. The green background of the wallpaper still feels youthful thanks to the whimsical pattern, and the orange-red carpet adds a surge of energy. The classic armchair and dresser are also going to deliver function and style to the family home for years to come.

10Use a Stylish Hamper
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So you have a place to story clean items, but what about the dirty ones? Opt for a stylish hamper that’s pretty enough to keep out in the open and in a convenient location. We also love how Chango & Co. hung a mobile over the changing table instead of the crib here.

11Install a Floating Cubby

Want to take it up a notch from floating shelves? Try a floating dresser, like this one. It blends in nicely with the white paint and frees up more wall space for fun decor and artwork.

12Opt for Built-in Drawers
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You can’t lose with a built-in reading nook, no matter what age your child is. Even better? A built-in reading nook with built-in drawers underneath. This roomy one designed by Chango & Co. has plenty of depth—perfect for hanging out and reading time.

13Customize Built-Ins
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Adding floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets will always come in handy. Jenn Feldman Design lined the backs of the shelves with wallpaper to make them pop more.

14Hide Your Storage Unit
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This is baby Dove’s room in Malin’s nursery suite. He strategically hides the storage shelving unit in the corner by surrounding it with furniture.

15Use Side Tables
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When shopping for side tables, opt for one with multiple tiers. Free up tabletops and surface spaces by installing sconces instead of using table lamps. We love the yellow one in this space designed by Chango & Co—it really brightens up the walls.

16Create a Library Shelf
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Step story time up a notch by adding a little floating shelf library to display all their favorite bedtime books on. Designed by Jenn Feldman, the collection of books doubles as decor, animating the white walls.

17Hang Towel Hooks

If there’s an adjoining bathroom inn the nursery install hooks on the door so there’s a quick and easy place for you to hang towels when you’re finished using them.

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