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30 Creative Ways To Light Up Your Bedroom

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bedroom lighting ideas

When it comes to setting the right mood, lighting is everything. And this is true in just about every space you enter, but casting the right light is especially important in the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for ways to spruce up your bedside table, save space, or make an overhead statement, these unique bedroom lighting ideas will steer you in the right direction. Whether you want a pendant, chandelier, sconce, or lamp, we’ve got some inspiration your bedroom never saw coming.

bedside table lamp ideas

Combine Black and Brass

Ultra modern and ultra sleek, this brass and black bedside lamp makes a statement while still fitting in with the minimalist environment designed by Tamsin Johnson. The brass is a welcome surprise, warming up the cool white and gray bedding.

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Choose Something Unexpected

Why stop at one bedside table lamp if the surface area is big enough for two? We’re loving the contrast between the chrome lamp and the traditional ceramic one. They each speak to the varying design influences throughout the room.

bedroom lighting ideas

Let the Natural Light Shine

This bedroom designed by Hecker Guthrie is blessed with plenty of natural light, which casts a nice bright glow throughout the space. The modest metal sconces provide extra bedside lighting but also blend right into the white wall.

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Make an Artistic Statement

Sconces come in all shapes and sizes—they’re not only a great space-saving option for tiny bedrooms, but they’re also a good way to make a stylish impact. In this bedroom designed by Heather Hilliard, the sculptural sconces introduce a more innovative and edgy touch to the traditional elements and warm, cheerful color scheme.

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Choose Soft Pieces

Robson Rak kept the light and airy feeling going in this blue and white bedroom by sticking with white scones and a feathery, wispy pendant.

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Save Space

The answer to your space-saving needs: An accordion light that pulls out as you need it. It can retract back into the wall when you’re done.

bedroom table lamp ideas 

Use a Fun Color

A chartreuse lamp corresponding with gingham upholstery and bedding enlivens this master bedroom designed by Abney Morton Interiors. The color is unexpected, but works wonders to keep the space light and casual enough for a lake cabin while still being grownup and sophisticated.

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Rethink Placement

This Moorish-inspired built-in bed nook designed by ETC.etera for Hotel Covell is the perfect blend between cozy and chic. The moody wallpaper adds an air of mystery, which is further enhanced by the aged brass pendant. If you have a similar situation—or there’s simple no room for a table lamp next to the bed—hang the pendant above the head of the bed rather than centering it

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Hang Bare Bulbs

Hang a bunch of bulbs in a variety of shapes and sizes for a cool, easy, undone aesthetic. It’s affordable, resourceful, and undeniably stylish.

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Go Glam

This texture-rich bedroom designed by Janie Molster gets extra cool vibes from the geometric pendant. It adds a more formal and glamorous feel to the space.

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Keep It Simple

If you have a statement headboard, bold colors, and interesting pieces throughout, keep your lighting simple. A nondescript sconce with a neutral shade never fails. In this bedroom designed by Arent & Pyke, the oat-hued shade references the quilt and pillow case.

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Backlight Your Built-Ins

In this bunk room designed by Studio Griffiths, the built-in cubbies are backlit for a soft night light glow that doesn’t take up any valuable space.

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Double Up

A lamp on your nightstand is a decor choice, but it isn’t always totally functional. To make sure you get enough light when you’re reading (or on your phone) in bed at night, mount a light on the wall immediately next to your bed, too.

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Try Bedside Pendants

Another great way to take up less surface space that doesn’t involve any sconces? Hanging a slim bedside pendant lamp. In this Firehouse Hotel room designed by ETC.etera, an angular dark green pendant pops against the marigold tones and organic shapes.

Bedroom, Furniture, Bed, Room, Property, Interior design, Bed frame, Bed sheet, Wall, Floor,

Mix In Metal

This master bedroom designed by Kaemingk Design inspires us to mix in more metal. Gold, brass, or silver help step up your sconce game. Opt for metal bases for an industrial-meets-glam feel.

colorful bedrooms

Mount Your Lighting

Mounting lights next to your bed eliminates the need for a large night stand. Now you can streamline your space, or save space if you’ve got a small room.

bedroom floor lamp ideas

Opt for Floor Lamps

Want to try something new? Flank the bed with two slim floor lamps instead of classic table lamps. It adds height and dimension while also freeing up more surface space on the bedside tables.

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Go Vintage

We’re loving the contrast between the shabby chic chandelier and the modern table lamp in this bedroom designed by 2LG Studio. Not only will you find something one-of-a-kind that no one else has, but it’ll likely cost less than buying something brand new and boast a nice patina.

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Secure Sconces to the Headboard

Why secure sconces to the wall when you can make a statement headboard pop even more? Here, they add a little elegance to the rustic, nature-inspired frame.

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Hang It Somewhere Unexpected

Though this contemporary pendant light inn this space designed by Tamsin Johnson would look great wherever it was, we’re digging the asymmetry of it hung in the reading nook rather than in the center of the room. The shade also corresponds with the bedskirt, for a nice cohesion.

betsy burnham guest bedroom

Match Your Lamp To Your Headboard

If it’s sitting right next to it, make sure it’s not going to clash, k? Pick up the colors in a bold, colorful headboard (or bedding) with your nightstand lamp.

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Think Outside the Box

This dramatic three-tiered sconce in a bedroom designed by Brady Tolbert for Emily Henderson is a more playful alternative to a traditional chandelier or overhead light. But it still beings the drama (and the light, of course).


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Add Dramatic

Though not too over the top in shape or material, this pendant light brings a fun sense of drama with it’s over-sized appeal. In a minimalist bedroom, where space is limited and everything must carry its weight, proportion and scale is a great way to play and have fun with design. The texture also warms up the cooler tones through. Use your lighting to incorporate natural texture, like bamboo or rattan. A straw pendant is the muted (but totally not basic) light fixture this bold, bohemian room needs.

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Go Mod

A gorgeous mint green carpet introduces a touch of personality and luxury to this modern bedroom designed by Hecker Guthrie. The flax linen slipcovered bed frame, charcoal gray pillows, and greenish gray sheets. create the perfect color story. We also love the contrast between the sleek white modern side table and lamp with the relaxed linen bedding.

Bedroom, Furniture, Bed, Room, White, Interior design, Bed frame, Bed sheet, Mattress, Property,

Think Minimialist

Paring down your room means you can go a little bit more bold with your light—especially if you have high ceilings—but still keep it neutral. This beige pendant is seriously swoon-worthy.

black bedroom design ideas

Opt For A Glass Orb

Who invited you, shade? This glass orb light adds a modern touch to a bohemian bedroom. See more at Old Brand New.

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Match It to the Wallpaper

Minimalist, but make it cozy. Even when your bedroom features a drab or outdated wallpaper, you can still made it feel neat, tidy, and contemporary. Choose timeless furniture, crisp bedding, and a faux fur throw for texture and warmth. We’re loving the matchy-matchy vibes of the coordinating wallpaper and lampshade, too.

blue bedroom ideas

Install Track Lighting

Skip the bright overhead light and install track lighting instead. It’ll create a softer, more calming mood in your room. See more at Lark & Linen.

Celerie Kemble Boy's Bedroom

Go A Little Crazy

Even a sophisticated city apartment can afford to go wild in a kid’s space. A rainbow-hued Italian Sputnik-style chandelier hangs in a boy’s bedroom and a trellis-print cloth covers the walls.

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Dip It Way Low

We’ve never seen a pendant this low before, and we’re here for it. It’s part table lamp, part ceiling light, and it’s the perfect height for reading before bed. See more at Black Lacquer Design.

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