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22 Bathroom Paint Color Ideas For a Quick Makeover Project

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Using colorful paint can be intimidating, but choosing something adventurous and fun can have been style pay-off. This is especially true in smaller spaces like bathrooms and powder rooms. Even if you’re not planning a remodel anytime soon, you will definitely want to repaint your bathroom once you see the colorful bathrooms ahead. Whether you want to go all-over bold, add a subtle accent, or incorporate pattern, we’ve got bathroom paint color ideas to get you inspired. No boring bathrooms here.

dark gray bathroom with green vanity

Sophisticated Dark Gray

It’s all about layers, textures, color in this warm bathroom designed by Heidi Caillier. She transformed a rustic green dresser into a sink vanity which is polished off with a natural stone countertop for a sleek touch. the most transformative element of the space is definitely the dark gray paint, which strikes a cozy mood.


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Sweet Light Pink

We love the eclectic artwork against the baby pink walls of this powder room. A teeny tiny bathroom is the perfect place for a playful paint color since there’s not room for any other decorative statements. In this bathroom, the pink backdrop makes the traditional portrait gallery fun and whimsical.


bathroom with gray walls

Edgy Light Gray

If you like grittier, edgier design, paint the walls gray and then incorporate more industrial elements. Here, Leanne Ford worked with concrete and exposed piping.


bathroom with blue painted walls

Bright Blue

Contrary to popular belief, stark white walls can make small spaces feel even smaller while dark paint colors will make a powder room or modest bathroom morel luxe and expansive. Plus, smaller rooms are perfect for experimenting, as we’ve mentioned.We love the classic blue paint Reath Design chose for this space.


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Chilled Out Coral

In this bathroom by Commune Design, this burnt coral paint strikes a nice balance between unique and neutral, sophisticated and edgy, soft and bold. All the gold accents add a contemporary yet timeless feel, especially paired with the warm wood cabinets.


bathroom with off-white paint

Timeless Beige

Wood paneling painted in a soft greige shade creates a classic backdrop for this bathroom by Heidi Caillier. The wooden materials and accents like the toilet cover and mirror, along with the geometric tiled floors, complement the paint. The result is a low-key and approachable elegance.


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Cheerful Turquoise

With an adventurous mix of colors, patterns, and textures, this bathroom designed by Sean Scherer is bursting with character. The inky black clawfoot tub, bronze sconces, and gilt framed artwork add a cool gothic twist to the light tropical turquoise wall and lime green and coral candlesticks. The floral carpets tie everything together.


white tile bathroom with red painted ceiling

Attention-Grabbing Red

Emil Dervish kept this industrial space modern and minimal with white graphic square tiles but added some funk with color on the upper half of the walls and ceiling. Opt for a bold red paint color like this if you want to make a strong statement.


brown bathroom

Grounded Brown

We’re loving the offbeat yet neutral clay color scheme in this grounded bathroom designed by Robert McKinley Studio. The combination of mocha painted walls, a woven lampshade and blinds, and natural stone countertop create an earth-inspired oasis.


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Sunny Orange

The vibrant tangerine-painted cabinets in this bathroom designed by ETC.etera bring out the orange undertones in the pink stone vanity topper, which also ties in the pink floor tiles and area rug. The lesson? Match your cabinets to yoru natural stones and tiles.


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Kelly Green

For a bold, modern impact, cover the entire bathroom in a saturated paint color. Fiona Lynch Studio opted for a rich shade of Kelly green.


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Ethereal Pale Blue

As seen in this bathroom designed by 2LG Studio, the palm leaf tree truly brings it to life, as do the sky blue walls and abstract painting.


purple bathroom with gold accents

Romantic Mauve

Heidi Caillier chose an unexpected shade of mauve paint, brass fixtures and lighting, and smokey marble materials for the shower to achieve a one-of-a-kind yet timeless bathroom.


Leafy Green bathroom

Refreshing Sage Green

Designed to feel like an enclosed porch, this vintage-feeling bathroom was painted sage green. It features lantern-style light fixtures, hidden medicine cabinets, and freestanding, antique oak washstands.


gray modern bathroom

Soothing Pale Gray

A pale shade of gray paint above the geometric grayscale tiles tightens up the space and keeps this neutral and calm. It’s the perfect shade for this environment, as a stark white would be a little too bright. StudioDB chose to use for gold fixtures and accents to contrast the cool color family.


blue bathroom with wallpaper

Dark Blue

Interior designer Shaun Smith used the retro blue tiles in his bathroom drive the design process. Paired with floral blue wallpaper and porcelain accents, the old-school tiles feel much more fresh and stylish. To polish thing off even more, he painted the ceiling a slightly different shade of blue.


bathroom with painted ceiling


Subway and hex tiles are popular in bathrooms for a good reason. They’re durable in wet environments and and style-wise, are classic and reliable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use paint! Here, designer Caroline Rafferty painted the ceiling a pitch black hue to make the white and airy environment feel formal and intimate.


yellow bathroom

Light Yellow

Pale yellow walls on the upper half of the wall complement the geometric mustard and white tiles framing the bathtub. The terra cotta herringbone floor tiles are a nice transition. They feel subtle and “accidental,” yet match nicely—perfect for a lived in country chic vibe.


green bathroom with purple tub 

Deep Green

This bathroom designed by Studio DB is undeniably sexy. While the custom metallic mural wallpaper is the focal point, the purple clawfoot tub and deep forest green walls create the framework.


Blue Stripes

Soft Baby Blue

This powder room in Palm Beach is settled near the pool and painted to look like a cabana with a tasseled, tented awning. It’s easier to replace than wallpaper and it’s more unique, as you can customize it however you want to.


white bathroom ideas

Chalky White

Leanne Ford is the queen of all-white interiors. She keeps things interesting by folding in different textures. In this bathroom, she opted for a chalky paint finish, introducing more depth and dimension.


cameron schwabenton charleson guesthouse

Deep Navy

The farmhouse sink in this guest bathroom is a subtle nod to this Charleston home’s earlier days as a kitchen house. Polo Blue on the walls adds a modern pop of color to this historic home.


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