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How to Pick the Right Kitchen Countertop Material, According to Experts

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Choosing a countertop surface material that suits your lifestyle is the first step to a functional kitchen. Your counters are, after all, where cooking actually happens. We could also argue that your counters are the backdrop the main event in any kitchen: They take up a lot of visual real estate. And the materials and options you choose, whether indestructible composite slabs or handmade tiles, are for utility as much as for style.

That said, choosing the right countertop can be tricky. First, there are many options: How do I know what marble I want? And what’s the difference between quartz and quartzite? Come to think of it, what exactlyquartzite anyway? Between natural, engineered, and man-made materials and the color options with each, there’s a lot to learn.

Yellow, Facial expression, Cartoon, Line, Orange, Smile, Illustration, Font, Graphic design, Icon, Ahead, you’ll find everything you need to know about countertops. But before you invest or fall in love with any one thing, here’s a checklist of things to keep in mind, according to Elizabeth Margles, VP of marketing at Ceasarstone, regardless of which material you use:Color and design (the style statement you want to make)Size and shape of material (thickness, length, and edge style of the slab)Integration with backsplash (if the materials will match)A kitchen island (whether or not you want one, and matching it with the counters)Durability and ease of maintenance (think about how you’ll use the space)Total cost of ownership (not only initially, but also future cost for maintenance).And with that in mind, read on to see how to make the best decisions for your space and budget.LAMINATEPink, Purple, Lilac, Red, Violet, Magenta, Material property, Pattern, This nonporous acrylic comes in endless looks, so it’s ideal for those who want to go wild with colors and patterns, whether that’s a monochromatic statement or a playful design schemes. “It can shape itself into any design concept,” says Gerri Chmiel of Formica. New technology has made it tougher, but laminate is still a budget option. “It’s a great choice for someone on a budget,” says Jean Stoffer. The downsides? It doesn’t hold up to heat as well as other options (so don’t put a hot pan directly on it!) and it may start to chip or peel over time.
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